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thank you!

We've been absolutely thrilled and surprised by the outpouring of support from our fans, friends and clients over the past several months. 


Your generosity has kept us going strong during this tough year.     

With your support, we've been able to release more video content, participate in livestream broadcasts, compose original songs, and launch a Patreon site.  

Now we are fully vaccinated and ready to share our music with you, live and in person. Thank you for all you have done! 


Cosmo Alleycats

Quarantine Activities
"trouble in mind"

The first installment of the Cobweb Sessions, a song-video project where the Cosmo Alleycats venture into some older, folksier sounds. For early access to song videos and lots more, join Emily's Patreon page:

"When I Grow Too Old To Dream"

In March of 2020 Cosmo Alleycats singer, Emily Day, started a Patreon page. Emily and members of Cosmo Alleycats are releasing song videos each month like this one, inspired by Nat "King" Cole's version. For early access to song videos and lots more, join Emily's Patreon page:

Piedmont Piano Livestream

Cosmo Alleycats kicked off the new year with a livestream performance as part of Piedmont Piano Company's Streaming concert series. It was a treat to dust ourselves off for this event - plus we debuted a couple originals! This video will begin in just about 10 seconds.


Recorded January 28, 2021 in Oakland, CA

Cosmo Christmas Song Countdown

In the month of December, 2020, Cosmo Alleycats released their Top 10 favorite Christmas songs on Facebook and Instagram. On December 24, we aired a livestream of all of our favorites, plus a few honorable mentions. Watch the livestream here!


Fast forward to the 4 min mark to see the video. 

Mr. Tipple's Livestream

Our debut performance at Mr. Tipple's Recording Studio! What a treat to livestream from an actual San Francisco venue. We received the royal treatment Jay and Roger from Mr. Tipple's while they whipped up some fantastic to-go cocktails for the viewers at home. We hope to perform at the venue when nightlife resumes!

Recorded Sep. 16, 2020 at Mr. Tipple's in SF

"In a Dream"

This original song, by Cosmo Alleycats lead singer, Emily Day, is about unrequited love, and a fantasy of romance from a distance. This goes out to all the people who find themselves alone during quarantine and nervous about the prospect of distanced dating.  Written in Oct. 2020. 

Accompanied by Cosmo Alleycats bassist, Steve Height, and drummer, Mike Burns (on piano?!)

"I Guess It's Just the Mood I'm In"

This original song by Cosmo Alleycats lead singer, Emily Day, was written in May 2020. Written in response to canceled gigs and postponed contracts, with no end to quarantine in sight, the song gives permission to express feelings of doubt and sadness, rather than feeling pressured to remain positive in the face of uncertainty. 

Emily Day on piano & vocals, Steve Height on bass, and Lech Weirzynski on trumpet. 

See what we've been up to during Quarantine!

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