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Cosmo Alleycats

If you pass a San Francisco bar on a Friday night with a great long line of expectant patrons out front, chances are they’re all waiting to be propelled into the sonic time warp of a Cosmo Alleycats performance inside.

Cosmo Alleycats have been a favorite of the San Francisco music scene since the band’s 2010 beginning, bringing to the stage a potent mix of swing and vintage dance music with a dynamic, soulful delivery. Led by vocalist Emily Day (“one of the major singers in her field” – Scott Yanow), Cosmo Alleycats draws from several decades of exhilarating American music, along with inspired originals, to deliver a fun and engaging performance.

With thirteen years' experience performing together, Cosmo Alleycats is a well-oiled machine. But however polished their performance may be, it’s their sense of playfulness that holds the door open for the unexpected. This dynamic is evident in their 2022 album, Old Sweet Songs, a collection of Tin Pan Alley and American Songbook favorites accompanied by their original compositions, inspired by bygone styles of songwriting.

Cosmo Alleycats has performed at notable venues and festivals such as Blue Note Napa, Piedmont Piano Company, Ashkenaz, The Sound Room, House of Blues New Orleans, Maison Frenchman, Dreamforce, SeaWorld San Diego, Fillmore Jazz Festival, Reno's Hot August Nights, and the Russian River Jazz & Blues Festival. You can catch the band playing regularly at Local Edition, Mr. Tipple's, and Club Deluxe in San Francisco, and you've likely seen them at your cousin's wedding or your company's Holiday Party.  

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Old Sweet Song - Cosmo Alleycats

Old Sweet Song - Cosmo Alleycats
Old Sweet Song - Cosmo Alleycats

Old Sweet Song - Cosmo Alleycats

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In A Dream - Cosmo Alleycats

In A Dream - Cosmo Alleycats

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Sinners' Stomp - Cosmo Alleycats

Sinners' Stomp - Cosmo Alleycats

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Maybe I Do - Cosmo Alleycats

Maybe I Do - Cosmo Alleycats

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old sweet songs

Album release date: November 23, 2022

Cosmo Alleycats' long-awaited sophomore album. This collection commemorates the band's love of American Songbook classics, lesser-known gems, and inspired originals. 

Tracks were recorded and mixed by Jay Pellicci of Brothers (Chinese) Recording. Other tracks recorded by Lech Wierzynski (California Honeydrops) at the Blues Cave. Tracks mixed by Jacob LaCally (California Honeydrops), and Jay Pellicci.



Track 4 - "Old Sweet Song" - Emily Day

Track 8 - "In A Dream" - Emily Day

Track 9 - "Sinners' Stomp" - Mike Burns & Emily Day

Track 10 - "Problème C'est Moi" - Emily Day

Track 11 - "I Guess It's Just The Mood I'm In" - Emily Day


Track 1 - "Just You, Just Me" - Klages & Greer

Track 2 - "I Had Someone Else..." - Harris, Darcey, Stanley 

Track 3 - "If I Had You" - Campbell, Connelly, Shapiro

Track 5 - "Trouble In Mind: - Richard M. Jones

Track 6 - "Sweet Sue" - Young & Harris

Track 7 - "When I Grow Too Old To Dream" - Hammerstein & Romberg

Track 7 - "I Can't Give You Anything But Love" - McHugh & Fields


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